Thursday, April 8, 2010

Obama Signed Nuclear Arms Treaty - Read All About It

Not much time this morning to post, but I read this article about Obama's nuclear arms treaty that he signed today.  It's worth a few minutes to read and digest.

Via: The Heritage Foundation: Morning Bell

Here's the link:
Obama's False START


  1. He'll probably use this as a rationale for gutting the military budget and redistributing that money to other giveaway programs. Meanwhile, Russia, Iran, North Korea, China and other threats grow stronger.

  2. You made a BIG error in your suggestion; There IS NO WAY TO TRULY "DIGEST" this news :-)
    Oh, MAN, it may be a fine treaty but just that picture makes me nervous and now OUR SOLDIERS will be marching at Red Square soon celebrating the end of NAZISM....American soldiers marching in RED SQUARE..not ON RED SQUARE!

  3. Dapper Dan:
    Obama has to find the money to pay for his Big Government entitlements, so you may be right. One thing we can be sure of...none of the taxes they collect will go to pay off the deficit.

  4. Z:
    There is no way this is a "fine treaty". Obama is making our country less safe every day he is in office.

  5. I'm okay with us cutting Nuclear weapons, we will still have more than anyone. What disturbs me is his new policy of not using them in response to a chemical of biological attack. Why would you tell you enemies this? I know he wants so badly to be loved buy the world, but he is supposed to be Commander and Chief.

  6. Trestin:
    It makes no sense to put a limit on when we would use nuclear weapons. They are a deterrent and are there to make countries think twice before they dare attack us.


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