Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Not-So Smart Car

We saw this Smart Car in a dealership parking lot today.  TCGuy's remark after seeing the Obama bumper sticker was..."That's not such a Smart car."

Well, our trip to the NASCAR races in Talladega, AL were fun, although bad weather cancelled the Saturday Nationwide Race.  They held both the Sprint Cup Race and the Nationwide Race on Sunday.  Congratulations to the winners...Kevin Harvick and Brad Keselowski.

The weather on Saturday held chances of tornadoes in the area, but thank God Talladega was spared.  So many people camp out around the track that a tornado would have been devastating.  The day was filled with thunder, lightening, wind and rain...but no tornado.  Unfortunately, there were deaths in Mississippi due to tornadoes on Saturday, and our hearts go out to those families.

We set out yesterday morning to return home, but things didn't work out the way we had planned.  Car troubles have caused us to be stranded here in Birmingham, AL for 2 extra days (so far).  Parts are on order and with any luck, we'll be out of here tomorrow afternoon if they can figure out what exactly is causing the problem (the serpentine belt keeps shredding).  Thank God it happened before we left on our 700 mile trip back home.

So, all I can say is purchasing a little Acer Aspire Netbook for taking on trips was a great idea.  At least I have something to do.  I'm reading "The Real George Washington", which is a great book, but when I get tired of reading, the netbook gives me a chance to keep up with the blog.

Well...thank goodness the Comfort Inn has a laundry.


  1. That is definitely not a smart car.
    That really bites, that your stuck there due to car problems. I hope your car gets fixed in a jiffy and you return home soon. I am keeping you in my prayers, for you to have a safe ride home.

  2. Hope you get home safe and sound.

    TCGuy is more right than he knows. You ought to look up crash test footage of the smart car. Those things would lose in a head-on collision with a squirrel.

  3. That little Obama eco-mobile are like arguments our dear leaders policies, they get if they run into anything of substance.

  4. Teresa:
    I really hope they get it fixed today. With this problem, our whole schedule has been thrown off for preparing to return to NJ for the summer. Gotta go with the flow, though...we must be safe on the road and I don't want the repairmen rushing through their job.

  5. Matt:
    I sat in one of those Smart Cars once...too small for me. We've seen them out on the road once or twice, but I think they are made more for city driving. It just looks like it would be squashed in a traffic accident.
    I'll see if I can find a crash test video of it.

  6. Damn. Birmingham. At least, well ... there's not much good to say about Birmingham, except, at least you're obviously safe. I hope the rest of your trip is uneventful.

  7. Hi Snarky:
    Yep, Birmingham, and it was taking so long to figure out what was wrong with the vehicle that I thought we'd have to start looking for a house, ha. Anyway, they finally found out what was wrong and fixed it. We set out for home last evening, drove straight through (11 hours) and arrived home at 5:15 AM today.
    Thanks for the good wishes.


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