Monday, April 12, 2010

Hey Marco...Give Sarah A Call

I was over at the Team Sarah website and was happy to find a post by He got a great scoop.


The 2010 Southern Republican Leadership Convention (SRLC) in New Orleans featured a star-studded line up of prominent Republican politcos, headlined by former Governor Sarah Palin.
Palin’s speech was well received, but it was what she said immediately afterwards that was most newsworthy.  Suffice to say, big media missed out on what exactly she said- but the exclusive story could not escape the jaws of the Shark Tank!

Immediately after Governor Palin finished her speech, she approached the end of the stage  to greet fans and sign autographs.  But little did she know that the Shark Tank had released a  rogue shark to cover the event in New Orleans to attempt to get her on the record and answer the million dollar question- will she endorse Marco Rubio in the U.S. Senate race in Florida?  Governor Palin is, after all, one of the most prominent members of the Conservative movement.  Palin’s response to my question speaks for itself- she gives a big Alaskan bear hug to U.S Senate candidate Marco Rubio. (VIDEO) 
Read the entire post here.

And the death knell strikes for Charlie Crist...
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  1. That's awesome! Thanks for posting the vid. I feel very confident about Rubio. Keep up the great work in FL.

  2. RK:
    It is great news. Rubio probably doesn't even need Palin's endorsement at this point, but every little bit helps.


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