Friday, April 30, 2010

Crime, Inc. and the Hoodlums Behind Cap & Tax

Why does Glenn Beck call the U.S. Government "Crime, Inc.".  If you watched  his show tonight, you know why, but if you didn't, you'll find out in these videos.  Glenn has information on Cap & Trade Tax that you have never heard about....thanks to the state-run-media.  You'll see why it's being pushed on us and what it's really all about - money and the transfer of wealth.  And you'll never guess who is behind it all.

You will not believe the connections involved in the big scam of Cap & Tax...all courtesy of the Progressives who have been waiting patiently, planning, scheming, deceiving, and getting ready to fleece each and every one of us.  You'll also find out who the "Wizard" is behind it all.

Isn't it funny how no one from the Obama Administration  contradicts or corrects what Glenn exposes (it only happened one time long ago and it was corrected).  The organizations involved in this mess are sponsoring boycotts of Glenn, so you know he is hitting a nerve.

I know some of you are not Beck fans, but you have to admit that he is the only guy on TV covering these stories.  You will also notice that Glenn is fearful for his life because of it.  Can't say I blame him and you won't either after you see who is involved in this Cap & Tax fraud.

(Note:  Please don't get turned off by the "cupcake" analogy Glenn makes with Cap & Tax in the video.  He has a "funny" way of explaining the subject, but it all makes sense in the end.)

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  1. I'm watching the late-night run right now. Don't give away the ending...

  2. Glenn Beck has become the biggest thorn in Obama's side. Think about all he has done since the Emperor took power:
    9/12 protests
    Van Jones out
    Ms. Mao gone
    ACORN exposed

    No one other person in the conservative media comes close.

  3. Hi Sol:
    It doesn't end "happily ever after"...but you already knew that.

  4. Trestin:
    Thank God for Glenn Beck...that's all I have to say.


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