Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Woman Live-Tweets and Makes a YouTube Video While She Has An Abortion

Meet Angie Jackson.  Angie has a 4 year old son.  According to Angie, she had a very bad pregnancy and was told by her doctor to avoid another one.  Then Angie found out she was pregnant again by her boyfriend.  At about the 4 week mark she decided to have an abortion.  Angie took a pill called RU-486, which causes the abortion to be more like a miscarriage.

What's especially interesting about Angie is that she is a blogger who likes to talk about things "taboo".  With this in mind, she decided to live-Tweet and do a YouTube video as her abortion was taking place.  In the video she made sure to tell all the ladies out there who may get into this predicament that "...it's not so bad...it's nothing like childbirth or labor."  

Here is the video she made during the abortion.  I thought her closing remark tells it all...
"Hope everyone on YouTube has a great and godless day.  Peace."

And to make it even more special, CNN did an interview with Ms. Jackson where she could tell the whole world on TV why she did it, what it was like to live-Tweet her abortion and that she would do it again.

Videos via: HotAir.com
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  1. If she is not supposed to have more kids, why did she not get her tubes tied? She is a disgrace.

    I can't watch her. Any more than I can stomach watching OJ Simpson.

  2. Opie:
    She said she had an IUD that failed. I agree, tuba-ligation would probably have been the better way to go...I really don't know. What I do know is that this proves people will go to any lengths to get attention.

  3. An IUD is an abortifacient. But I bet that doesn't bother her one iota.

  4. Opie:
    I wouldn't think so. Heaven knows how many times the IUD didn't fail.

  5. This "woman" is a disgrace and worse than a squirrell in the woods....at least they protect their young.
    We we were growing up, abortion was something horrible that was NEVER talked about, and the girls who had one left the STATE and went on se cret vacations, so no one would find out (we all found out anyway).

    Now they publicize it like it's the puppy bowl or something. She should be ostracized, And, her twitter account should have NO followers!

  6. Bunni:
    I agree wholeheartedly with what you said. This woman is looking for her 15 minutes of fame...what a disgrace.


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