Tuesday, March 30, 2010

UCF Kappa Sigma Fraternity Pulls Costly Prank on Glenn Beck Fans

Here's a video I found over at Black and Right. Apparently, members of the University of Central Florida’s Kappa Sigma Fraternity thought it would be funny to pull a "prank" on the people attending an event at the UCF Arena on Saturday. It just so happened those people were attending Glenn Beck's "American Revival". The students posted "Event Parking" signs in a restricted lot and the 53 people who parked there got towed.

As you probably already know, I was at that event and I'm really happy we didn't park in that lot. This may seem like a typical prank some dumb kids would pull, but I'm not so sure. It really was a shame because the people affected were in the UCF Arena for 8 hours and I'm sure they were looking forward to heading to their homes/hotels with the expectation of enjoying a nice dinner. Or maybe they had a 3 hour drive ahead of them like we did. Instead, they were left without a car and a $125 towing bill.

According to the news report, there's been over 30 recent events at the arena and this is the first time something like this has happened. With that in mind, I'm wondering if it was just a coincidence or were the students purposely targeting (oops, that's one of those violent words Sarah Palin uses) the Glenn Beck fans attending the event.

Good thing it wasn't an Obama event...

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  1. That is despicable. Its too much of a coincidence for it not to be purposeful, especially since no other events had the same thing happen to them. It certainly seems like something that Lefties would do. Thank goodness you were lucky and this didn't happen to you.

  2. Hi Teresa:
    I don't think it was a coincidence either. We parked in one of the multi level parking lots that cost $10...we were lucky because if we had seen a free parking lot, we probably would have pulled in there instead.

  3. Hi
    My car was towed from that lot. BTW! I have seen all over the net about "free Parking" signs. There were no such signs, only "event Parking" signs. After giving it some thought, I think it was ucf event planning that messed up with the signs. We met a couple of Kappa's. They were sympathetic to our situation.

  4. outatheweeds:
    I didn't see "free event parking" signs either, but parking where you parked was "free" even if the sign said "Event Parking"...no one was collecting money. The parking garages with "Event Parking" signs cost $10 to park.
    Did you ask the Kappa's if it is usually the case that event parking is allowed in their parking lot? They were there that day, so if it was a mistake by UCF event planning, then the Kappa fraternity should have said something. And why was the "Event Parking" sign gone when you returned to pick up your car? I find it hard to believe that UCF event planning posted signs in a fraternity parking lot "by accident". Something isn't right.


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