Monday, March 15, 2010

Tacking A Student Loan Bill on to the Health Care Reform Bill - The Real Reason

In my previous post, I made comments about "what do student loans have to do with health care reform" and that the Democrats probably added "student loans" to their health care reform reconciliation bill as sweetener to get it passed.  Listening to Glenn Beck's radio show this morning caused the light to go on.  It will be extra sweet to the progressives, like Barack Obama, who's ultimate goal is "social justice".  By passing education legislation through along with health care legislation, they are "killing 2 birds with one stone".  Along with control, it's all about reparations.

Barack Obama's thoughts on reparations are spoken about in the video below.  Apparently, he doesn't believe in least not in a one shot financial payoff deal.  Reparations through fundamentally changing America into a country of "social justice" through health care and educational policies will result in an 'on-going' process of reparations.  Therefore, adding the two together and shoving them down our throats, as they are trying to do this week, will be the a great success for Obama...although just a start.  Cap & Tax and Amnesty will be the next two items that will continue the process.

I found this video from July 2009.  Within the first 2 minutes of the video there is a clip of Obama speaking about his thoughts on reparations.  In his words he mentions health care and education and how reform of those will "disproportionately" affect people of color.  On-going reparations.  Now it makes sense why they added education to the health care bill.

Side Note:  Glenn's remarks in the latter part of the video are addressing the House health care bill, not the Senate bill that is being pushed through for reconciliation this week.  I don't know if the issues he is referring to are in the Senate bill they are dealing with this week.  If anyone knows the answer to that one, please leave a comment.

Time to hit the phones and faxes again.

Check out Opie's post over at MAinfo Blog where she explains how to send free faxes from ciafax.ning.

Check out Born Again American for another way to protest ObamaCare by wearing blue on Wednesday (St. Patty's Day). He also passed along a site where you can easily contact your representative:

You can also contact your representatives here:

There is also a link in the left hand sidebar of this blog that will take you to contact information for all Federal and State offices.

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  1. Student Loans in UK have been a complete disaster, luring ungifted school-leavers into a pointless stretch in Academe where their limits are duly exposed. They drop out, labelled as failures before they enter the workplace, in debt to the Student Loan Company (not expunged by bankruptcy) which means they cannot get a mortgage.

    Meanwhile Colleges and Universities are hounded into taking on hoardes of the 'disadvantged' and minorities regardless of their abilities and the only way they can then balance the books is by recruiting vast numbers of students from overseas who pay Top Dollar for the privilege.

  2. banned:
    I suppose America will be following down the same path in due time if Obama gets his way.


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