Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Tables Are Turned - Who's "The Man" Now?

I am posting Glenn Beck's show from Wednesday, March 24, 2010.  If you did not see it, please make some time if you can.  I think it's one of the most important shows he has done recently.

We're all  hearing about the so-called "havoc" that the Tea Partiers are supposedly wreaking upon the Democrats who voted for ObamaCare.  There are stories out the wazoo about how we are terrorists who have used racial slurs, are making threatening phone calls, etc.  They say that "we are the mob and we are to be feared".

In this show, Glenn has figured out why Obama and his crew are trying to make us out to be terrorists.  There is a method to their madness.

I will try to explain it briefly, but the videos will be the best explanation you'll get.

Glenn explains that Obama has surrounded himself by radicals, many who were around in the '60's and who were willing to make bombs and use them.  These radicals wanted to take over the country by "revolution", but they weren't successful because authority (The Man) and the American people, in general, would not stand for their acts of violence or their plans to start a "revolution".

Now these radicals are in charge.  They have "dropped the radical pose for the radical ends".  They know what it was like to be the protesters and how they were defeated by "The Man".  The tables have been turned.  Now they are "The Man" and they need the protesters to put down.  That's where we come in.  And they are trying to portray us as radical terrorists, just like they were back in the '60's.  If they can discredit the Tea Partiers, egg them on to violence (or lie about it), then they will be able to convince the rest of America that we are the ones to fear and we should be defeated.  This is also why they are trying to destroy Glenn Beck and make him out to be a terrorist.

It would take one act of real violence to destroy our entire cause.  The 60's radicals who are running our country right now are wondering why we aren't acting the way they did back in the days of their protests.  We are not who they are.  Chances are they will continue to provoke us with the hopes that someone will snap.

Glenn asks that we do not fall into their trap.  We must continue to be peaceful in our protest and in all of our actions.  We should also turn to prayer.  We will prevail.

TCGuy and I are going to Glenn's "American Revival" on Saturday in Orlando.  I'll let you all know how it went when we get back.  Have a great weekend.

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  1. Thanks once more for all your information.

  2. The DEmocrats are trying to discredit the opposition by making false accusations. But, if conservatives continue to resist the temptation, continue to be peaceful, not act like radicals from the 60's then the Dems plan will backfire on them, and even more people will join our cause. I think people will see the Democrats as the kooks and the ones who are out of touch.

  3. Hi Carol...:
    You're welcome. I really think Glenn is right on this one.

  4. Hi Teresa:
    You hit the nail on the head. More and more people are going to realize where Obama is taking us as time goes on. When he starts up with Amnesty and Cap & Tax right after he's rammed ObamaCare down our throats, people will be reeling (we're reeling now). We can't fall for the Progressives tricks to provoke us into violence. It will destroy our cause.

  5. JACG:
    Thanks. We're looking forward to it.

  6. Team Obama's Alinsky tactics are disgusting. They fight dirty. To some extent, we'll have to fight fire with fire.

  7. RK:
    You're right. We will have to beat them at their own game, sans the violence.
    I just read an article on Drudge where the Dems are using the attacks on the health care supporters as a means to fund raise. (Never let a crisis go to waste!)

  8. Couldn't swing the trip to Orlando, so I'll ask you to be a sponge, soak it all up and come back spewing words of wisdom...

  9. We must stay peaceful. And resolved.

  10. What a public service you did there...thanks!
    I had seen some of Beck that day though he's usually SO right and SO passionate that he scares me too much to watch!
    I like when he encourages! Thanks!

  11. They are hoping for violence. They know they need a crises to repeal the 2nd Amendment.

  12. Born Again American:
    We're looking forward to tomorrow and will share our experience with everyone when we get back.

  13. Z:
    Beck's theory about why the left is portraying us as terrorists makes sense to me. It's not going to work, though, because it's all a lie.

  14. Trestin:
    I'm sure that has a lot to do with it. They can't wait to take our guns away.

  15. If the current plan doesn't work for them, then expect a "Reichstag Fire."

  16. Matt:
    I put nothing past them. They are deparate to get their agenda through come hell or high water.

  17. You're the blog of the day at RK

  18. I've recently gotten the ability to listen to Glenn on the radio while I'm at work (I bought an iphone) and I swear sometimes he's helping to keep me sane right now. He brings up points I have not always considered and connects the dots so well.

    We will win the fight because we are in the right, not because we will resort to stupid or violent tactics.

  19. RK:
    Thanks so much. I wish I had been on-line yesterday to check it out. I really appreciate it.

  20. Janie Lynn:
    That's great that you can listen to Glenn on the radio. I try to do that every day. The "American Revival" yesterday was great. I will post on it during the week.


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