Sunday, March 21, 2010

Stupak Sells Out Pro-Life Cause

If Bart Stupak and others in his group cave in and change their votes to YEA on the health care reform bill because President Obama agreed to sign an Executive Order (EO) they are selling out the pro-life cause.

Executive Order Hijinks   [Andy McCarthy]
I know we tire of the hypocrisy, but I really think this is remarkable. We spent the eight years through January 19, 2009, listening to Democrats complain that President Bush had purportedly caused a constitutional crisis by issuing signing statements when he signed bills into law. Democrats and Arlen Specter (now a Democrat) complained that these unenforceable, non-binding expressions of the executive's interpretation of the laws Bush was signing were a usurpation Congress's power to enact legislation.


  1. Thanks for posting this Conservative Lady. It shows that Stupak is a traitorous tool.

  2. Hi Matt:
    It was just a matter of time before he caved. Shame on him and every other Dem who caved along with him.

  3. Stupak has made a pact with the devil and sold out the unborn. He was looking for any excuse to support health care reform. He has proven that there is really no Democrat Pro-Lifer.

  4. I'm just so sad. I'm angry and I'm exhausted. The government has turned into a freaking joke.


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