Monday, March 8, 2010

Lazy Lady's Post

This is the "Lazy Lady's post".  The sound videos and sound bites over the past few days basically speak for themselves.  Thought it would be fun to put them all in one post.

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George Will skewers Robert Reich and points out exactly what the progressives/statists think about the American people...big dummies that they are.

The next 2 videos feature Congressman Eric Massa (D-NY) who is resigning from Congress today.  Read about the Eric Massa story at

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This video has Massa ranting about Rahm Emanuel (and Rahm's naked tush) and about the thuggery going on (even in the men's Congressional shower room).

In this video Massa talks again about Rahm Emanuel and also about how the Obama Administration is pushing him out of his job in order to pass ObamaCare.

This video shows a history between Massa and Emanuel.

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Dan Rather on the "Chris Matthew's Show" yesterday talking about the GOP, Independents, Obama and ObamaCare.  Dan is saying "hypothetically" what the GOP will say about why ObamaCare may not be passed and that Obama is a nice guy and very articulate, but he can't even sell watermelons...

Good thing a Republican didn't say that.
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  1. Watermelons? Ouch. Not PC in the least.

    Things are heating up. Obama is panicking that his agenda will fail. Americans are hopeful that his agenda will fail. I'm rooting for America!

  2. OOOOhhhhh, not the "watermelon" word
    in relationship to B.O.!

  3. Heh. Sometimes they just do the work for you...

    I just got home from work and did a post on the watermelon slip too... Rush was hilarious playing it over and over!

    That wasn't the smartest thing Rather could have said, methinks.

  4. Hi Opie:
    It's fun watching the Dems implode.

  5. Hi Carol:
    I love watermelon.
    Dan Rather will get a pass on this from the state-run media, as usual...e.g., the National Guard lies about President Bush.

  6. Hi Sol:
    Rush is a riot and the Dems keep giving him lots of material.


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