Tuesday, March 30, 2010

UPDATE: Video Added - American Revival: Faith

If you read my earlier post on attending the "American Revival", you know that I was planning to post on each segment of the show.  Glenn's theme for the Revival is "Faith, Hope and Charity".

The first presentation was on "Faith" and the presenter was David Barton.  Mr. Barton heads WallBuilders, is the author of many best-selling books and is an expert in historical and constitutional issues.  He owns tens of thousands of original writings, documents and artifacts from early America.  Mr. Barton had several documents with him at the Revival that he used in his presentation.  Mr. Barton has a "wealth of knowledge" and is the perfect choice to make a presentation on "Faith" and America's Founding.

Mr. Barton's presentation was based on the fact that religion played a big part in the founding of our country.  He described many instances in the development of the founding documents where religion and God are mentioned.  There were many facts Mr. Barton shared with us such as...out of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence, 29 held seminary or Biblical degrees.  You would never know that listening to the Left try to convince everyone that God had no place in our founding and the Founders were either atheists or deists.

After the presentation, Glenn led us in a prayer which ended with a resounding "Amen" from the crowd.

I've attached an article, "One Nation, Under God", written by David Barton.  It's one of the many great articles included in the "American Revival Binder" we all received at the event.  It covers the same theme that he talked to us about and I am sure you will enjoy it.  While your at it, you might learn a few things you may not have known.  Enjoy it and pass it along.

You can make the document full screen by clicking on the top right hand corner arrow icon.  There are 6 pages and you can zoom in to make them more legible.

The next "American Revival" will be held in Phoenix, AZ on April 10, 2010. If you are able, I would highly recommend attending this event. The speakers are knowledgeable and the presentations are entertaining while teaching you things you probably never knew. Click here for more information.


To be continued...

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  1. Hi TCL, this was a great event for you to go to. I watch TBN alot, and they have many programs, some political in nature, that stress that America was founded on God and the Bible, very much so.

    Yet another assault that the left tries to remove God and Biblical teachings from everywhere. But, the Bible has a happy ending, so we'll be ok. Happy Easter Week.

  2. Hi Bunni:
    This is a truth that the progressive are trying to remove from history. They have done this throughout the years...it helps their cause.
    At the Revival, Glenn recommended that we all keep a small pocket journal and write down our thoughts, experiences, things that are happening, things we hear...whatever we think is important. In the future our children or families will have the notebooks so they can see the truth. History is being rewritten before our eyes and the notebooks will be priceless in the future.
    I hope you have a Happy Easter, too.


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