Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Charlie Crist Is His Own Worst Enemy

Last week we got word that conservative candidate, Marco Rubio, is now leading Gov. Charlie Crist in the FL GOP U.S. Senate Primary race:

According to the Rasmussen poll conducted on January 27, Rubio now leads Crist by a 12-point margin (49% to 37%) among likely GOP primary voters. Marco Rubio also leads Crist in a recent Quinnipiac poll by a 3-point margin (47% to 44%). At one point, Charlie Crist was leading Rubio in the polls by 31 points. But that lead has somehow evaporated.

The article below is just one more reason why Rubio is surging ahead in the race.  Gov. Crist is supporting the inclusion of illegal aliens in the census count.  Why, you may ask???  Well, good ole Charlie sees a cash cow in doing so...Florida has approximately 980,000 illegals.  The article below states that the primary reason for a census is reapportionment to determine how many representatives each state is entitled to in Congress.  But the other advantage of having more people in your state, is the fact the more federal funds come your way.  More people, more pork...thus Charlie's Cash Cow.

Marco Smiles.Image by DavidAll06 via Flickr

Marco Rubio is against counting illegals in the census.  According to Rubio's spokesman, this "...stems from a concern about rightful representation in Congress and ensuring that every voter has an equal voice".  In other words,  states with large numbers of illegal aliens who claim them in the census, put states with lower levels of illegals at a disadvantage for representation.  I think that Rubio's stance shows integrity.  Rubio's position may cost Florida some representation (and pork allocations), but it's the right thing to do.  If all  politicians followed this philosophy, things on Capital Hell might work a lot better for We The People. 

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Crist supports counting illegal immigrants in 2010 Census

by Ed Morrissey 

Sometimes one has to wonder whether Charlie Crist really wants to win his primary battle against Marco Rubio for the Republican nomination to contest Florida’s open Senate seat.  When Rubio endorsed the conservative and mainstream national GOP position that the US Census should count only legal residents and citizens, Crist decided to differentiate himself by supporting the count of illegal immigrants — as a means to get more pork from Washington:



  1. Crist is proving on a daily if not hourly basis just what a buffoon he truly is...

    I'm sure you are already aware of this, but Marco Rubio and Dick Armey will be at the Harborside Convention Center in Ft. Myers on Wednesday 2/11/10 to celebrate "The Hug"...


    There will be a celebration of "The Hug" between Governor Charlie Crist and President Obama at the Harborside Convention Center in Ft. Myers, FL on February 10th from 7-9pm. Key speakers for the event will be Dick Armey, chairman of Freedom Works and U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio. For further information contact Tom Gaitens Freedom Works Florida State Field Representative at 941-725-4450.

    "The Hug" was part of a "Town Hall" in which President Obama was promoting his $787 Stimulus Bill (Porkulus). President Obama was introduced by Governor Charlie Crist at which time a firm handshake and embrace followed. Besides President Obama, Governor Crist embraced the Stimulus Bill as "good for Florida". Since his announcement as a candidate for the U.S. Senate, Governor Crist has performed an about face in his political ads stating he does not agree with the stimulus bill.

    "The Hug" was met with outrage by grassroots groups across the state of Florida. Let's show our grassroots pride by wearing our SWFL 9.12 Project shirts. Hand held signs concerning "The Hug", as well as, other tax and spend projects are welcomed.

    This event is sponsored by Freedom Works PAC.

  2. American:
    I am not happy. We will be on our way to the races in Daytona Beach on 2/10, so we will not be able to attend the Harborside event.
    I remember the day vividly when Crist hosted Obama at the Harborside Convention Center, hugged him and praised the porkulous bill. My fury had no bounds that day in my kitchen, as I had to refrain myself from putting my fist through the TV screen. There they were, a few miles away from where I sealed Crist's fate as far as I was concerned.
    Thank goodness there is a wonderful candidate like Marco Rubio that we can elect in Crist's stead this August in the primary. If Crist was smart, he'd give up, because he's going to get his ass whooped. And he will rue the day if he runs for governor again because his goose is cooked.

  3. TCL,
    I'm shocked that you would be associated with anything that "goes fast and turns LEFT"

    Have fun at the races...

  4. American:
    Believe it or not, I have been attending NASCAR races with TCGuy for many years. This will be my 23rd Daytona 500 in 24 years (I only missed 1 in all those years). We go to all of the races during the 4 day race weekend.
    Not only do we go to Daytona, we go to NASCAR races every year at Dover (2/yr), Talladega & Homestead.
    It's a great time and most of them are attended with friends.
    Thanks for the good wishes.


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