Friday, February 19, 2010

As The Dem Congress Plans For Possible ObamaCare Reconciliation, Some States Are Standing Up Against It With Legislation

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The realization that the election of Scott Brown has crippled ObamaCare has made it more likely that the Democrats will try to use reconciliation to push the nasty bill through.  Prez BO has invited the Republican leaders to the table with the hopes of making the bill bi-partisan.  In the meantime, the Dems have been working their butts off trying to cobble together the House and Senate health care bills into one ObamaCare Bill.  Thankfully, the GOP (at least most of them) are being skeptical of Obama's "summit" maneuver...and thank goodness for that.  Without Republican support, the Dems will have to resort to reconciliation if they want to get something done before the November 2010 elections.  There's a lot of discontent about the bills among the Dems, so that may not even work.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said Thursday that Obama plans to have a health care proposal that "will take some of the best ideas and put them into a framework" ahead of the Feb. 25 summit. The White House has invited Republicans to bring their own proposals, but GOP leaders have treated the event warily at best.

House Republican leader John Boehner of Ohio said Thursday, "a productive, bipartisan conversation on health care starts with a clean sheet of paper." His office labeled next week's meeting the "summit of all fears."

I was really hoping that ALL of the Republicans would be smart enough to see through this "summit deal" Obama is going to hold next week.   But nooooo.  One of the usual suspect RINOs rears her ugly head again.  I'm really not surprised.

But at least one moderate Republican was optimistic about the session.

Sen. Susan Collins of Maine said if the summit succeeds, a bipartisan bill could be put together and passed within six weeks. "My advice to our Republican leadership is we should view this as a good faith effort and go in there with a consensus list of provisions that we could support and that would make a difference," she said in an interview with The Associated Press.

My head is going to explode.  (Maine patriots, please take a page out of the book of Massachusetts and get rid of those two RINOs up there.)

You can read the rest of the article here.

Now for some good news...

I saw a Glenn Beck Show episode earlier this week where Glenn explains that some states are beginning to stand up for their rights and are writing legislation to exempt their states from any national health care mandate. As a matter of fact, Virginia may be the first state to accomplish this and, according to Glenn, 2/3 of the states in the country are on the same path.

Here's the link to the video. The video begins with states standing up for their rights on other issues, but the ObamaCare section starts at around 3:50 min.  (Glenn's voice sounds a little weird in the video...some kind of new dialect I guess.)

This is good news and proof that the people are waking up and taking action.


  1. I think the states are our best bet at taking back our country. We need more than 2010 election victories, we need to restore the 10th Amendment.

  2. Hi Trestin:
    It's encouraging that the states are enlisting "state's rights". The times we are in require it.

  3. I will be interested in seeing what the Old Dominion commonwealth comes up with to ward off Obamacare.

  4. Yes Indeedy, Virginia's law has passed both houses and is ready to the governor; who will sign it. It should be the law within the next two weeks or so............I am very happy to be living in Virgnia right now!!


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