Sunday, January 24, 2010

UPDATE: You Won't Believe This Photo

Via: Paul Reveres Riders - Obama Uses Teleprompter For First Grade Audience??? (click for another photo)

h/t: Black and Right

UPDATE:   Snarkey Basterd over at Feed Your ADHD has cleared up the truth about this photo. Apparently, the setting was in a grade school classroom, but the speech was to the press. I used 3 sources for the original post (one which I refer to often and respect).  Snarkey posted it and got feedback as to the real circumstances.

(Side note:  I think it's pretty sad that President Obama has depended on TOTUS so much, that we would actually believe he needed it to talk to 1st graders.  It's all Obama's fault!)


  1. Just like in "The Wizzard of Oz" pay no attention to the man behind the curtain... If you pull it back, you'll see George Soros, after all he's the one who winds this dummy president up every day...

    I smell a new game show, "Is your teleprompter smarter than a 1st grader"???

  2. TCL, this is the funniest thing I've ever seen, and it's REAL. You can't make this stuff up. Obumbles gets dumber by the minute! He'll be taking his teleprompter to Micky D's next. Great Find.

  3. BAA:
    I like the new game show idea. Obama's teleprompter may be smarter than a 1st grader, but I have my doubts about BO.

  4. Bunni:
    I really wondered about it being real, but I found another site that said it was real. With Photo Shop, you just never know. But knowing how BO uses that teleprompter for every speech he makes, I believe he'd take it to a grade school.
    The Micky D line cracked me up. Wish I had your way with words.

  5. We all got fooled on this one, TCL. He's normally so preposterous anyway that this just seemed like another Narcissistic-in-Chief moment.

  6. Snarkey:
    Some of the really well known websites got taken on this one, too. Your right, it was so believable that we can only blame Obama for our miss-take.

  7. Whether he was addressing the press or not, Obama has made it abundantly clear to everyone but his most hardcore supporters that, if he goes off prompter, he hacks it up.

    To paraphrase our great POTUS w/o TOTUS:

    He doesn't know Scott Brown or his policies, but he drives a truck. So that's bad news!

    He didn't know all the details, but the police acted stupidly.

    Make sure all of those poor children afflicted with asthma can get a breathalyzer.

    It would cost about -- about... the same as... haha. Alright. Okay. We're going to. It would cost about as much as... for -- about. Hold on! It's your fault -- I can't hear myself.

    Uh, uh, uh... but -- uh, umm...

    lol Classics

  8. Josh:
    It's true, Barry would be lost without TOTUS. It is just so telling when he tries to wing it...great reader, lousy (left) winger.


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