Friday, January 15, 2010

Take Precautions Before Donating To Ensure Your Money Goes To The Real Deal

Residents sleep in the street after an earthquake in Port-au-Prince. January 2010.
Photo by REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

Americans are the most generous people in the world, and when it comes to a tragedy like the earthquake in Haiti, we are more than willing to do our part to help. There are many ways we can donate to this most worthy cause, but be careful where you send your hard earned money.

The links below give some sound advice before you reach into your wallet.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, TCL.
    Everyone and their brother, including big brother, are putting up the donation boxes. Be careful is right.

  2. Don't expect any thanks for your generosity, you will simply be blamed for any percieved failings.

    If there was ever a country that would benefit from re-colonisation Haiti is it.
    That sad land has never had an administration that governed for the benefit of the people, just a succession of warlords, military dictators, voodoo maniacs and gangesters raping the place for centuries and leaving it the least well equipped place on earth to cope with such a disaster.

    The people of Haiti would benefit from the establishment of a UN sponsored Protectorate ( cf Bosnia) perhaps under the flag of Norway or Denmark.

  3. Bunni:
    It's funny, but tonight we got a phone call with a recorded message about donating to Haiti. TC Guy hung up on it because it was probably a scam. I made a donation to the American Red Cross. That's usually the place I go to when donating to a disaster cause.

  4. banned:
    America is blamed for everybody's failings and problems. We are getting used to it.
    Only God knows what will happen after this disaster. I hope they can do something in Haiti to make it so that we do not have a mass exodus out of the country and into the USA (or any other country).
    It's heartbreaking to see the photos and hear the stories.
    What is funny is that the media is already comparing Obamsa to will never end.


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