Tuesday, January 19, 2010

UPDATE: Pelosi Plans To Ram ObamaCare Down Our Throats Whether or Not Scott Brown Wins

Sounds like Nancy is still planning to shove ObamaCare down our throats whether or not Scott Brown wins today. One way would be for the House Dems to vote on and approve the Senate bill as it is with no changes and then send it up to Obama for signature.  According to the article below, that may not be possible with all of the differences the Dems have with the bill.

It sure sounds like Pelosi has something up her sleeve, or is she just delusional?  I don't put anything past her.  She will use whatever strong arm tactics there are to get the House Dems to do her bidding.  She can always promise to tweak the bill after it's passed...a little at a time.  Whatever it takes.  You heard her say, "...this is the opportunity of a generation...".  Is she going to let this chance of a lifetime slip through her claws?  We'll see, but the Dems are dead set on turning health care into a "right" whether we like it or not.

UPDATE: As per a comment I received from emptynester, reconciliation can be another method to pass ObamaCare. Via: BusinessWeek

Side note:  Did you notice the lady reporter nodding her head in agreement with Pelosi throughout the entire interview?  Just thought that really defines the MSM...in lock-step with the Dems.

Via: HotAir.com

Here we go: Dems to ask House to ping-pong Senate ObamaCare bill 

by Allahpundit

An update to this morning’s AP story, which confirmed that the Dems were considering it. Everyone but everyone, from The One on down to Captain Tingles, concedes that tomorrow’s vote is a referendum on ObamaCare. But just in case the vote doesn’t go their way, they’re going to ram it down your throat anyway.



  1. Personally, I don't think Pelosi can hang on to her 5 vote margin if she has to put the Senate version to the House for a vote. I think it is more likely they (Reid and Pelosi) will chop the bill up into the sections required for reconciliation votes. The rules for what can be run through reconciliation (it has to do with budget issues and is complicated) will chop the bill up and not allow some important issues to be decided. The Dems could get 51 Senate votes that way, but I believe it will seal the fate of a number of Democratic House and Senate members.

    If Scott Brown wins tomorrow, and the Dems don't fall back and try something new, they will pay dearly later this year.

    The chopping up for reconciliation has already been planned for since Harry Reid just barely got 60 votes in the Senate. I doubt they can get it done by the State of the Union, but I'm sure they already have a bill in drawer already marked up for the purpose.

  2. emptynester:
    I'm sure they've been doing some planning in case Brown wins, we'll just have to wait and see what they come up with. Nancy seems pretty confident that they are going to pass a bill any way they can.
    I think the Dems will do poorly in the 2010 elections no matter what.

  3. I don't think they can pass the senate bill in the house. There are some very firmly pro life dems in the house, that will not accept the abortion language. They will lose about 10 votes with the senate language, and they only passed it by 5.

    To me this is the bigger bluff. I think they will do reconcilation. If Brown wins that is the only way it will pass. The really bad part about that is that will allow people like Nelson and a few others to vote no, to save face at home. The upside to it, is that it will be very watered down and will only last for 5 years.
    I don't think that they care they will lose seats in November. It seems to me that they are willing to pay that price.

  4. While anything is possible, I think she will find this difficult to accomplish. Remember how the house had to add the anti-abortion amendment to garner the requisite votes? That is not in the Senate version. Also, even if Pelosi is tone deaf and suicidal politically, that doesn't mean the rest of them are. A resounding defeat in Mass may give a bunch of Dems pause. It really should. These leviathan bills stink to high heaven.

  5. JACG & Opie:
    It may be that to save face the Dems will pass "anything" just to say they did "something".

  6. Kucinich from Ohio and at least one other Zombiecrat congresscriminal are getting cold feet about even voting for the Senate version in the House. It's like the friggin' Hoover damn is cracking.

  7. Dick Durbin, the illustrious senator form my state of Illinois was quoted today saying that Democrats are prepared to use reconciliation if necessary, to pass the healthcare bill.

    I'm hoping he's just feeling a bit out of sorts knowing that Scott Brown would win today.

    And he has! Woo hoo!!

  8. Snarkey:
    I hope Dennis and the rest of his cohorts have realized that We The People have spoken and we do not want what Obama, Pelosi & Reid are trying to force feed down our throats.

  9. Janie Lynn:
    I hope the people of Illinois show Dick Durbin how much they appreciate his service to the people of his state by kicking him out of office the next time he is up for re-election.
    Woo Hoo!!!


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