Sunday, January 17, 2010

Obama Admits His Agenda Is Doomed Without Coakley

President Obama admits it himself...without Martha Coakley, his agenda is doomed.  With his own words, Obama has helped motivate the electorate to get out and vote.  But I think the electorate he helped motivate to get out to vote, is the electorate who is already planning to vote for Scott Brown.  His words are an affirmation of what we already knew, Obama's agenda can be stalled, and hopefully stopped, with the election of Scott Brown.

Support Scott Brown for U.S. Senate.  Our liberty and freedom depend on it.


Jim Hoft
Obama warned Boston voters today that Martha Coakley must win or his socialist experiment to remake American banking, energy, and health care, etc. will be doomed.

 President Barack Obama: “We’ve got so much work left to do. And, as much progress as we’ve made, I can’t do it alone. I need leaders like Martha by my side so that we can kick it into high gear; so that we can finish what we’ve started.”
FOX News analyst Carl Cameron: For what’s at stake. President Obama himself has now said that he needs this win because the country’s ability to move forward or back is at stake. A broad sweeping statement that essentially encompasses not only his health care agenda, his economic plans, as well as his green energy proposals. All of these things hinging on whether or not Martha Coakley is elected as a democrat, thus protecting the 60 vote majority.”
Hmm… I thought he already kicked it into high gear? What was 2009 about, then?
That is absolutely frightening.
Go Scott Brown.
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  1. I didn't like the Obama speech today. It was like he was accepting the loss already. He seemed tired and out of it. The ending was good though.

    I want the republican to win. Opps

  2. Scott Brown is our only hope!
    If he doesn't win then we KNOW that there was
    dirty trickery going on.

    I hope that Tuesday is the day we start taking back America! I can't wait.
    Browns speech today was awesome, I watched the live video stream. I'm sure it's on youtube by now.

  3. Kick it into high gear????
    Oh My Gosh.
    What indeed was last year all about then. That was low gear? A daily outrage of stomping and shredding the Constitution was low gear?

    This. Has. Got. To. Stop.

  4. corvedacosta:
    Hello, and thank you for commenting. I did not get to hear the entire Obama speech today, but the video in the post basically lays out what I hope is the truth...that a Coakley loss will help to stop Obama's socialist agenda. He and the Democrat Congress have been trying to shove bills down our throats that we do not want. They do not listen to us no matter how loudly we protest. I'm happy to hear that you want the republican to win...right now it is our only hope to stop ObamaCare and the rest of the bills we do not want.

  5. Hi Bunni:
    Hope all is well with you.
    I've been thinking about "trickery" going on, too, and hope that this election doesn't take forever to figure out who really won. I haven't seen Brown's speech yet. I'll try to find it before I head to bed.

  6. Opie:
    Let's pray that Tuesday's election stops Obama in his tracks.

  7. SB:
    I saw that sunken ship over at your place. Great!
    I just hope the ACORN rats don't come out of the ship and try to steal this election.

  8. Those experiments have a habit of blowing up in your face, TCL, socialism/communism hasn't worked anywhere else in the world - why on Earth does Obama think it would work in America? Stupid boy!

  9. Spidey:
    That's true and you would think that people would learn from history and the mistakes of the past.


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