Saturday, January 9, 2010

NY Dems Say KSM Trial Too "Risky"...A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Nothing like a bunch of Dems coming out of the woodwork to voice an opinion after the dirty deed is done.

Now that it has been decided to hold the KSM trial in NYC with an estimated cost of $200 million dollars PER YEAR, 19 New York Democrats have decided that NYC can not afford the trial.  Not only that, they also have the gall to now say that it's very dangerous to hold the trials in NYC and that because many people lost family and friends on 9/11 it will be traumatic, therefore the Federal government should provide the needed funds to keep everyone safe.  They have written a letter asking the Federal government for full reimbursement of the costs.

Where were these self-serving b*stards when the subject first came up?  Could it be a little CYA was taking place at the time?  Now that costs are being estimated they speak up to show the citizens of NYC that they're on their side.  BS.  Sounds to me like a plan just waiting to happen.

This is just my "conspiracy theory", but could it be Obama promised them the money all along?  Told the Dems in NY to agree to have the trial in NYC (or just don't oppose it) and he'll cover the cost in the end.  Did Obama give these 19 Dems a chance to look like heroes while he gets what he wanted...the chance to put President Bush and his administration on trial along with KSM?

Will this letter convince Prez BO to pay up?  Or was this the plan from the beginning?  What do you think?

New York Democrats: Trying KSM in NYC is Kind of Risky

Posted by Brian Faughnan

Remember back when Charlie Schumer, Kirsten Gillibrand, and the rest of the New York Democrats thought that trying Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in New York City posed no significant security risk? Remember how they said we could easily guarantee the safety of New Yorkers whose memories of 9/11 remained fresh? Well, apparently they’re suddenly worried, because now they’re concerned enough about costs that they’re demanding the federal government pay billions for it:



  1. What do I think?

    I think the Lady is right, it's a conspiracy of corruption from top to bottom.

  2. jadedfellow:
    They cause us to think everything is a conspiracy.

  3. Don't have any fears Honey, we have not yet begun to fight.

  4. mal:
    Ain't that the truth...and it's going to be a busy year!

  5. Couple of 230 grain JHP's would have did just fine and saved some

  6. C&L:
    And I bet we wouldn't have a hard time finding someone to pull the trigger.

  7. So, change the venue to a military tribunal and hang them.

  8. Linda:
    And I bet we wouldn't have a hard time finding someone to pull the lever.

  9. Obama and the Democrats in Congress are worse then I thought they would be. And I thought they would be really bad. The good thing is all my Democrat friends are my friends again. And they are all saying they are independent now. And one of my best friends is a Democrat activist.Things are changing fast now that this country got a big dose of liberalism.

  10. Chris:
    You are the bearer of good news. A person would have to be in total denial not to admit that Obama is on the road to destroying our country.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Please come back any time.

  11. I would think the feds will pay for it, as it is federal court.

    Although, I live near where the "20th" hijakcer was tried, and I seem to remember the mayor saying never again mostly about money.

  12. JACG:
    Like the Federal government can really afford it??? This is just another waste of taxpayer money by our spendthrift POTUS.


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