Monday, January 4, 2010

NPR Video Mocks Tea Partiers

National Public Radio (NPR) asks for donations so that you can listen to your favorite programs on your local public radio station.  I'm sure NPR has some fine music and entertainment shows that people enjoy every day.  I don't listen to their programing as I know they lean Left.

From the NPR website:
Support Public Radio
Donate now and your tax-deductible gift helps keep all your favorite news, entertainment, and music programs on your local public radio station.
How Your Gift Helps
Your donation to your designated station makes it possible for NPR and your station to report on the environment, health, education, international news, and much more, each and every day.

If you had any doubt that NPR was a Leftist organization, this video posted on their website should answer that question for you.

So, if  you have supported NPR with your hard-earned money, the video below is an example of  "  ...much more, each and every day".

NPR ‘toon: “Learn to speak teabag”   
by Allahpundit

Via Ace, who wants you to see what your tax dollars are being used for. Ironically, NPR’s reputation for liberal bias means that I don’t listen, which leaves me unqualified to say just how biased this is. Are there token conservatives there to “balance” stuff like this? Or do people like Fiore, who skews sufficiently left to have had his stuff featured in the Village Voice, have the run of the place? This toon’s from November, incidentally; his latest one, published on New Year’s Eve, attacks Obama for … not being liberal enough. So there’s your balance, I guess.
In fairness, this isn’t the worst use of my tax dollars that I’ve seen today. Exit question: After the past eight years, should leftists really be so quick to mock people for tossing around the word “Nazi” lightly? Click the image to watch.


  1. I would understand this from Huffington Post or Daily Kos, or even the group over at MSNBC. This, however, is disgraceful.

  2. I so much appreciate your blog and posts.

    I noticed that you're link is on my photography page and I know that some of my readers would be interested in visiting your site if they could access your page from my Curly Willows blog also.

    Thank you for your "American Spirit." Have a Wonderful New Year.

  3. And this is the public broadcasting that Mark Lloyd wants to fully fund, at the expense of private broadcasters.

  4. Sol:
    The Libs are not afraid of showing their true colors; everything is out in the open for all to see. They don't fear losing their audience whether it's on TV, newspapers or radio. Everything is "transparent" now that the Obamanation Administration is in power.

  5. Carol:
    Thank you for the kind words and for visiting my blog. I'll stop over at your other blog and check it out.

  6. Matt:
    Welcome to Obamaland. The takeover has been fast and furious, with no end in sight. State-run radio on the way.

  7. They need to lose their funding as soon as we flip the balance of power in the House and Senate.

  8. Opie:
    That turnover in power can't come too soon. The Dems are out of control.


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