Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dems Plan To Shove ObamaCare Through Congress And Right Down Our Throats

The new year has begun, but there's nothing new in Congress.  Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are making plans to push the ObamaCare bill through Congress as quickly as possible so that the Republicans can not hold up the works.  All will begin this week.

"Congress plans no formal sessions until Jan. 19, but Pelosi intends to meet this week with key committee chairmen and other leaders, and a separate meeting is also planned for members of the rank and file."

Side note:  January 19th is the date of the U.S. Senatorial election in Massachusetts for the successor to Ted Kennedy.  This is the race where Republican Scott Brown is running against liberal Democrat Martha Coakley.  I'm sure if Ms. Coakley is elected, Harry will have her sworn in and ready to vote within hours, just like Nancy did with NY-23 winner Bill Owens, as recanvassing was still taking place.  Owens's  vote was needed for the House to pass PelosiCare and Coakley's will be needed to pass the final bill. I just hope Scott Brown can pull off a win...his vote is needed to stop ObamaCare.  Please support him by visiting his website.

WASHINGTON — House and Senate Democrats intend to bypass traditional procedures when they negotiate a final compromise on health care legislation, officials said Monday, a move that will exclude Republican lawmakers and reduce their ability to delay or force politically troubling votes in both houses.
The unofficial timetable calls for final passage of the measure to remake the nation's health care system by the time President Barack Obama delivers his State of the Union address, probably in early February.
Democratic aides said the final compromise talks would essentially be a three-way negotiation involving top Democrats in the House and Senate and the White House, a structure that gives unusual latitude to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada and Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California.
These officials said there are no plans to appoint a formal House-Senate conference committee, the method Congress most often uses to reconcile differing bills. Under that customary format, a committee chairman is appointed to preside, and other senior lawmakers from both parties and houses participate in typically perfunctory public meetings while the meaningful negotiations occur behind closed doors.
In this case, the plan is to skip the formal meetings, reach an agreement, then have the two houses vote as quickly as possible. A 60-vote Senate majority would be required in advance of final passage. Read more...

Via: Michelle Malkin
The most ethical, transparent, open Democrat majority ever is apparently going to short-circuit the House-Senate conference committee process to get the government health care takeover done. Read more...

But according to the article below, there is at least one liberal democrat who is not happy with the plans to push the bill through without a formal conference.

Via: WhoRunsGov.com

But in a statement, Rep Raul Grijalva, the co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, criticized the scheme and complained he hadn’t even been consulted yet:
“I am disappointed that there will be no formal conference process by which various constituencies can impact the discussion. I have not been approached about my concerns with the Senate bill, and I will be raising those at the Democratic Caucus meeting on Thursday. I and other progressives saw a conference as a means to improve the bill and have a real debate, and now with this behind-the-scenes approach, we’re concerned even more.” Read more...
Make no mistake...by the time the final bill comes up for a vote, Rep. Grijalva and the rest of the Congressional Progressive Caucus will be more than willing to vote "Yea".  Promises to tweak the bill at a later date and, with some bribes and arm twisting to go along with it, these liberal blowhards will be more than happy to give Nancy, Harry & Barry the prize they've been waiting for...our freedom and liberty to control our own lives.


  1. Ah, health care, the never ending story

  2. This is sickening. But not surprising. :-(

  3. So January 19 and 20th are the dates to complete the tombstone.

  4. It's hard to believe that Capital Hill will push the HC bill foward even though everyone is against this! Today I read & posted on my blog news article about how the next push will be universal Voter Registration and allow anyone still breathing the opportunity to vote. That's why Dem's aren't worried about 2010 election.

    Keep up the good fight...

  5. Trestin:
    I'm sick of the story, too, but the Dems have made it the fight we cannot give up on.

  6. Opie:
    Don't worry...if it's making you sick, ObamaCare will be to the rescue soon.

  7. Charlotte:
    I just watched a video about Universal Voter Registration. The Dems will do anything to manipulate the system in their favor.


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