Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Crist Loses Straw Poll In His Own County - Rubio Wins 106-54

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Things don't look so good for RINO Charlie Crist in his bid to win the Florida GOP primary for U.S. Senate against Marco Rubio.   It's pretty bad when you can't win a straw poll in your own county, and that is what just happened to Gov. Crist...lost the straw poll to Rubio in Pinellis County...106-54.  I know, it's just a straw poll, but Rubio has been winning them all across the state.
RedState.com has a post predicting Gov. Crist will drop out of the U.S. Senate race because he sees the writing on the wall.  I guess that's a possibility, but then I fear he may run again for governor.  There better be a conservative in the wings ready to challenge him in a primary if that ever happens.

The Associated Press  

CLEARWATER, Fla. -- Republican activists in Gov. Charlie Crist's home county voted 106-54 to support former House Speaker Marco Rubio in the U.S. Senate primary.
Monday night's straw poll was the 11th conducted by a county Republican committee and Rubio has won them all.
The fact that Crist lost in Pinellas County, which he represented in the state Senate and where he's lived nearly all his life, can't be a good sign for Crist.
Straw polls are symbolic and carry no weight in the actual election, but do reflect growing support Rubio has with party conservatives.
And, as Crist often points out, they represent a small number of voters - Pinellas has nearly 220,000 Republicans and 4 million are registered statewide.
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  1. We in the Tea Party movement vote the person not the party! Hope Brown wins here in Massachusetts

  2. Yeah, our prayers are being answered. This is showing the dems and all RINO's early that America is FED UP. Did you see that Smith in MA has raised over 1 million 300 thou, last I looked!

    Thanks for your kind comment and prayers over my way too! Good always triumphs over evil, one way or the other.

  3. Bunni:
    Now, if only the GOP would get the message.
    I am so happy to see Brown doing well in MA. I didn't see the debate last night but his line about the seat not being "Ted Kennedy's seat...it's the people's seat" was great...I'm listening to it right now on Rush's show.
    Keep your chin up...things will work out with your situation. Your sentiment is very true.

  4. lady di:
    It really looks good for Scott Brown. Apparently, he did great in the debate last night and his fund raising is very successful. It's great that conservative candidates like Brown and Rubio are doing well. Things are turning around!

  5. There is a story behind the story here. I am not aware of how much you know about Florida politics, but tea party supporters have successfully taken over the Republican party infrastructure at the local levels. They have pushed for and achieved the ouster of the State Republican Party Chairman Jim Greer who was a longtime friend and supporter of Crist. On top of that, the big money donors who had promised to back Crist have withdrawn their support and endorsed Rubio. Small groups such as DC works for us, which I am now a member have achieved this insurrection by pushing members to volunteer to become Republican committee members. Doing so is simply a matter of volunteering and gives you a say in what candidates do and don't get support from the Republican Party. This was first done successfully in Nevada and is in the process of being done in several other states. Once the district committees were in the hands of grassroots pro-liberty folks, pressure was then put on I have not spoken on this issue until now as the goal was to keep it quiet so RINO or liberal opposition didn't get the idea to take similar actions. You can see for yourself here:http://www.miamiherald.com/news/politics/story/1417783.html

    "Party leaders sought to portray the chasm between conservatives and moderates as a healthy debate that will ultimately strengthen the party. Peter Feaman, GOP committeeman from Palm Beach County, read aloud a formal resolution urging the party to bring anti-Obama ``tea party'' activists into the Republican fold."

    The grassroots movements such as tea party supporters were handed a huge momentum shift in their favor when Crist (RINO) FL misled the media and voters regarding a visit by mr. obama in Jacksonville. Crist claimed he did not know about obama's visit. Yet, e-mails revealed a very different story, on top of the fact that Crist was invited and one of his aides refused the invitation....
    "Gov. Charlie Crist's aides knew of Obama trip to Florida" from the Miami Herald, 11/11/09 stated:
    The Republican Crist is running for the U.S. Senate, and has drawn scrutiny for distancing himself from Obama.

    The two appeared together in Fort Myers in February to celebrate the stimulus package -- an appearance that has become a liability for Crist as he faces primary challenger Marco Rubio. Crist now says he did not endorse the stimulus, even as he said it helped bail out the state budget.

    When reporters in Tallahassee asked Crist whether he knew Obama was in Jacksonville, he replied: ``First I've known of that.''

    E-mails obtained by The St. Petersburg Times through a public records request show Crist's office was aware of the visit, and it seems unlikely his aide would have dismissed Crist going to Jacksonville without checking with Crist.

    Crist's office refused to comment further Tuesday.

    So you are getting my post that will be on KM later early since you are reporting on this story too.

  6. Christ was a loser when I lived in Florida ... the RINO needs to go.

  7. Andrew:
    I am a FL resident and live here most of the year. I know some of the info you stated, but not all. I have been a Rubio supporter for quite a while now as you can probably see from the videos and links on my sidebars. Thanks for the inside information and I am going to do some checking on the info you provided so I can get smart on it.
    I really hope Rubio can pull this off. I watched Crist on TV that day at the Harborside Event Center in Ft. Myers where he hugged Obama and proclaimed support for the stimulus package. I was ready to put my fist through the TV. Ever since that day it has been my goal to see Crist out of office. Now he is trying to change history, but it's too late. Come August 2010, he will be history...at least for the Senate seat. I just hope he doesn't decide to run for Governor again.

  8. SB:
    We must get rid of the RINO's in DC, and if Crist gets elected we would just be adding to the mix. They all must GO!


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