Friday, January 15, 2010

ClimateGate Hoaxer Receives $500,000 Grant From Stimulus Bill Funds

Hey, don't worry that the stimulus package didn't go to shovel ready projects to produce jobs for Americans.  Obama gave some of that money to one of the hoaxers in the Climategate scandal.  He's sure to spend it wisely.

by Mike Flynn

The American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (the Stimulus Bill) has been such an epic failure, that even the mainstream media has started to notice. The White House has tacitly acknowledged this and recently announced that it would no longer ‘count’ jobs ‘created or saved’ by the Stimulus. The basic problem is that the bulk of the spending went to programs or projects that have nothing to do with economic growth.
The latest example of this is a $500,000 grant to Michael Mann, Professor at Penn State University and unintended c0-star of the ClimateGate e-mail scandal. The leaked e-mails revealed collaboration among scientists to stifle dissenting views on the extent of man-made global warming.
Mann is also the creator of the “Hockey Stick” graph, which purported to show a sharp increase in recent temperatures. That work has been thoroughly discredited by researcher Stephen McIntyre. Yet, in June 2009, the National Science Foundation awarded Mann a three-year $500,000 to further study the climate’s response to human activity. According to the grant award:

The broader impacts involve supporting postdoctoral scholars and graduate students and contributing to the understanding of abrupt climate change.
So, the research is supposed to give us a better ‘understanding of abrupt climate change.’ Mind you, the research isn’t to determine whether there is abrupt climate change occurring. Given that Mann is known for using “tricks” to finesse his data, the National Science Foundation will not be pleased with the results.
Actually, this particular grant is special, even by the low-bar set by other spending. Most of the Stimulus funds are simply wasted with no real impact on the overall economy. However, Mann’s “research” will presumably be used to further justify cap-and-trade legislation or other draconian regulatory actions. Either of these will have a very negative impact on the economy, retarding growth for years to come.
We may be paying for this $500,000 for a very long time.

According to, the National Center for Public Policy Research has put out a press release requesting that the funds be returned to the U.S. Treasury.  (I hope they're not holding their breath.)

Here's a show you might like to catch.  Last night as TC Guy was flipping around the TV stations, he found the Science Channel.  The show was called Hot Planet.  Here's the info on the show: 

Hot Planet
The effects of climate change -- massive storms, superfires and rising seas -- are potentially catastrophic. But they are not yet inevitable. This film looks at the future of global warming, and what man -- and science -- can still do to stop it.

And low and behold, who is the first person we see in this global warming propaganda film?  Science Czar John Holdren.  One scare scenario after another came up on the screen, including NYC being destroyed by floods...with lots of ominous, spooky music to boot.

The ClimateGate scandal means nothing to Obama.   He rewards the lying, hoaxer, so-called "scientist" by giving him hundreds of thousands of dollars and his "science czar" is on TV preaching global warming myths. And throw the Cap & Tax bill in, too.  More proof that the truth is not what Obama seeks.  He knows the truth, but it gets in the way of his true plans...the plan of global reparations and the destruction of our republic.

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  1. Won't that $500,000 grant be open to public scrutiny and legal action if it proves to be misspent? Especially since Mann has been exposed as a phoney since it was granted.

    Climategate was largely a British scandal but have just posted your very own John Coleman’s hourlong news special “Global Warming – The Other Side” now online, all five parts here

    American Climategate

    It gives a very clear and concise background to the whole AWG debate, debunks Al Gore spendidly and shows how American Government scientists manipulated your data as did ours. Well worth watching.

    How big is John Coleman in America CL?

    I can't check that link but you will find it at

  2. Anything to do with climate change these days makes me want to puke.

    I'm a member of a social networking site where a simple question was posed: "What's more dangerous, global warming or terrorism?"

    I was literally shocked at EVERY SINGLE RESPONSE stating, emphatically, global warming.

    So, let's get this straight:

    Global warming: 0 dead
    Terrorism: millions upon millions upon millions needlessly murdered by maniacs

    Hmm. Yeah, I see why global warming is such a threat!

    According to the polar ice records of the 20s, we shoulda been wiped out by the 50s. The 70s predicted we'd all be under ice by 2000. Gore's hack job of the 90s would have seen Florida gone today, as well as an extinct polar bear population. And what's the big danger now with climage change? Oh, yeah -- global extinction, basically, like a Kevin Costner flick.

    Every scientist has claimed their science on the subject is "settled," but like every person predicting the end of the world, they've all been unequivocally INCORRECT.

    Yet, 0 dead from global warming and it's still the knee-jerk threat to end all threats. Terrorism is the fabrication.


    There's a lack of common sense and then there's just outright stupidity.

    I'm far from a conspiracy nut, but it makes perfect sense that a schmuck climate change guy would receive big bucks while small business owners are expected to help shoulder the financial load.

    The politicians and scientists are not in bed together because it's some secret, behind-closed-doors society, but because the bed is so incredibly large at this point.

    And why not? It's not like they're changing their own sheets.

    We get to foot the bill and do the labor. Hell, if I were any less moral, I'd be trying to scam money, too, by claiming I'm "helping" the environment.

  3. banned:
    The only thing I can see that is at all related to the grant money being given back is the press release I linked to from NCPPR. The Obama administration's climate czar, Carol Browner, dismissed Climategate, so I doubt that they would ever consider taking the funding back.
    I know John Coleman is the founder of the Weather Channel and I have seen him on TV occasionally speaking on the subject of global warming. I also have a post with a video featuring him (from Spidey). He is not a household name, but people who pay attention to the hoax are familiar with him.
    Thanks for sending the link to those videos. I have on my blogroll, but I haven't seen that post yet. I am looking forward to watching the vids.

  4. Josh:
    I have one question for you...Why are you a member of a social network full of global warming zombies?


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