Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Senator Max Baucus's Impersonation of Foster Brooks?

I finally had the chance to watch Senator Max Baucus's drunken speech on the Senate floor.  While watching it I just could not help but remember the comedian, Foster Brooks.  Mr. Brooks entertained us with his impersonation of a lovable drunk on the Dean Martin Show.

Watch both videos.  Was Senator Baucus doing his impersonation of Foster Brooks?


  1. Our Parliamentarians are not allowed to describe each other as "drunk" but must use phrases like 'tired and emotional'; the msm folow along tamely.

  2. banned:
    These fools are "drunk" with power along with the booze. What a disgrace to go on the floor of the Senate while intoxicated. This idiot had a big role in the health care bill.


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