Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lord Monckton and the Greenpeace Protesters - Russia Drops Bombshell

Watch Lord Christopher Monckton stump these global warming activisits from Greenpeace.  What a bunch of morons.

 Quotes of the Day

And this from Allahpundit...

Apparently, Russia thinks the entire global temperature record used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to inform world government policy is a lot of "tosh" .  (I just learned that term from my UK blogger buddies.)  But I'm sure nothing is going to stop Prez Bo from heading to Copenhagan.

Quotes of the day 

posted at 10:37 pm on December 16, 2009 by Allahpundit

“Climategate just got much, much bigger. And all thanks to the Russians who, with perfect timing, dropped this bombshell just as the world’s leaders are gathering in Copenhagen to discuss ways of carbon-taxing us all back to the dark ages…
“What the Russians are suggesting here, in other words, is that the entire global temperature record used by the IPCC to inform world government policy is a crock.”
“It’s true, and it’s huge. Today another example of CRU having their foot on the scale, Russian papers are reporting that the Russian surface station data was sorted by CRU to use the highest warming stations only.”


  1. Wow, did Lord Monckton eat them alive or what? I've seen that look before. It was late one night on a dirt road in Utah. They just stopped and starred into my head lights. One was a good sized buck.

  2. This is a wonderful video! It is very revealing. Lord Monckton shows that he really knows the facts about the global warming hoax and makes the enviro whackos look like morons. I will post this video with a H/T.

  3. Dear Conservative Lady,

    It appears that science has become it's own unique type of religion. I recently watched the movie "Expelled" by Mr. Stein and there appears to be several common threads to both of these issues.

    1.) The "scientists" are fanatical in support of their ideas and opinions and take great liberals, oops I mean liberties, in their collection of information (note, I did not use the term data, that would have assumed objectivity) while denouncing their opposition stating there is not credible evidence to support their positions. Hence debate is nullified.

    2.) The study of science has become an entitlement program. For a scientist to engage in their livelihood they are dependent, for the most part, on funding thru grants. If their studies/theories/speculations run counter to the prevailing PC format it becomes quite difficult to put bread on one's table. The survival instinct takes control and conformity becomes the acceptable norm. The vast majority of funding is provided to the ranks of "higher education citadels" from government via taxation and the line at the trough is long, so if one wishes to feed, better belly up and look like the rest of the pork.

    3.) Recognition. Scientists by nature are human beings and the need for acknowledgment/acceptance is a strong emotional motivator. Once a scientist has received the accolades of his peer group or a societies acceptance, there comes the need to maintain and/or expound further on the principle. Therefore the media via journals, news outlets, lecture tours, teaching positions become the avenues to furtherance of a scientists ego/esteem and the need to conform to the expectations of the media becomes paramount. Perhaps it could be called "the scientific vortex" principle.

    There are undoubtedly many other common threads that can be identified in the realms of questionable scientific sureties but it is early and I must venture off unto the realms of working for a living.

    I enjoy reading your thoughts and hope you maintain the fire of our convictions.

    But wait, will your fire contribute to global warming? That my Dear, is cause for debate, yet I wish to belly up to your blog trough again sometime in the future so I will leave the conclusion to you and just agree.

    Oink Oink.

    God bless and happy blogging.



  4. Why aren't you jumping up and down about the latest poll numbers for Rubio?

    I expected banner headlines on your blog.

    He seems like a good guy and someone that the republican party really needs.

  5. Trestin:
    Amazing, isn't it. People go to a protest and don't know any facts. Just makes them "feel good" that they are fighting to save the planet. Another bunch of sheeple, or deers in the headlights.

  6. Hi Teresa:
    I hope you're feeling better.
    Thanks for the h/t...I'll go over to check out your post.

  7. JACG:
    Blogging time has been limited this week...preparing for Christmas... and blogging at 3AM is taking a toll on me.
    I am really happy about Rubio and Crist poll numbers 43-43 and will do a post about it soon. I want to find a nice article for the link up.
    How's that new addition to your family doing?

  8. jadedfellow:
    That's a great post.
    Your points are well taken and I, too, believe that the environment has become a religion for some people...not to mention a cash cow.
    The scientists who wrote the e-mails didn't want the gravy train to stop and Algore makes millions of dollars on selling carbon credits. And the underdeveloped countries see $$$$ coming from the USA in truckloads.
    The whole thing is disgusting and I the MOST disgusting thing about it is that Obama is still planning to go to Copenhagen and plegde billions of American tax dollars to this fraud.
    Hope you visit again.

  9. Dear Conservatie Lady,

    Thank you for allowing my post to post to your posting forum.

    It is not often that I say something that makes "cents" so you have warmed my heart. Oops we may have added another degree to the global temperature, but it was worth it.

    Keep the fires of discontent stoked, it will keep you warm during the chilling effects of this administration.

    Little known fact for you. Al Gore also invented "Burger King", just look at all the Whoppers he's been selling.

    Get some rest, replying to a frazzle would fatigue me.

    Take care,


  10. jadedfellow:
    Not only do you write good posts, you're a comedian, too. You really should start a blog...just make sure you have plenty of time because it's addictive.

  11. " What is the best temperature for the Earth? " Great question.

  12. banned:
    The best temperature for the earth is the temperature that will heat up enough anger in the people AGAINST liberalism/statism, causing them to defeat it at every election.

  13. Dear Lady,

    (Fingers were getting tired, so short version work for you?)

    I have thought about a site of my own but I am busier than Tiger Woods in a bordelo, so oh well.

    Besides I have a rare mental disorder that occasionally causes me to act like a liberal.

    Wait around not taking responsibility, looking for those willing to do the work of building the structure, doing the research, discerning the facts, laboring over the details and taking the initiative to follow thru to accomplish something worth while; then I swoop in, offer up my two cents and avoid having to own up my actions.

    In actuality, I determined awhile back that there are alot of wonderful conservative folks out there that feel they are unappreciated and that what they think, want and say is not being valued.

    Hence I chose to be a supporter of those who want to be heard. I enjoy listening to others, even some on the other side of the fence, and hopefully my mindless wanderings around the blogging world can provide some small validation and encouragement to a really fine bunch of folks.

    If I put anything on another's blog I consider it to be their's to do whatever they chose to do with it. So if by chance I post a nugget you think is golden, use it as if it were your's because I believe your motives are just and honorable.

    And yes, if one day you have to go in for treatment of blogalism you can blame me for being your pusher and/or enabler. ;-)

    Yours in supportive wit,



    You're not resting!!! Sorry my bad. (I do take responsibility at times.)


    Did you hear what Hilarity Clinton said in Copenhagen? Oops, you'll never sleep now. Sorry my bad. Maybe I have an addiction problem already?

  14. jadedfellow:
    Well, I'm glad you found my blog and will look forward to your witty comments. Thank you for offering your words to be used as mine, but I believe that credit should be given where due. If I ever posted anything from one of your comments, be assured you would get the h/t.
    And as for Hillary's comments...I assume you mean the $100 BILLION dollars a year pledge at Copenhagen???

  15. Dear Darling,

    Yeah I too feel blessed to have stumbled into your blogdom.

    Okay, after all these years it is about time I accepted the responsibility for the words I string together so pointing the finger at me is appropriate, (just not the long one next to the ring finger, please).

    Yep the billion comment is still turning my neck redder. But don't go there gal, you need your rest, please.

    By the way, have you ever noticed the similarities between Hillarious and that Chuckie doll from the movie. The hair style, the look in their eyes and the thirst for blood?

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and it stays warm where you reside. It has been colder than Obama's heart around here so I am enjoying the warmth of frequenting your domain.

    Take care,



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