Saturday, August 22, 2009

Are You Tired Of The "Race Card" Tactic?

Playing the "race card". Is anybody else tired of this tactic?

I am sick and tired of politicians claiming "racism" as an excuse for failure. This has got to stop. I don't care what color you are, politicians using race and blaming others in this day and age is a cop out. It's always easier to find something or somebody else to blame than to take the responsibility and blame yourself.

If you've got lousy policies, it doesn't matter what color you are...people are going to notice. People don't like Obama's policies because they stink, not because he is black.

Here is a classic example of race being using as a crutch for failure.

New York State Governor David Paterson opening...Image via Wikipedia

Paterson Whines Racism

By BRENDAN SCOTT Post Correspondent
Last updated: 3:47 am
August 22, 2009
Posted: 3:06 am
August 22, 2009

ALBANY -- Gov. Paterson has played the race card.

The state's first black governor yesterday blamed his political woes -- and those of President Obama -- on a white-dominated media that he accused of taking part in an "orchestrated" attack campaign.

"We're not in the post-racial period," Paterson said in a freewheeling interview on the liberal talk-radio station WWRL. "My feeling is it's being orchestrated, it's a game, and people who pay attention know that."

"We don't have the kind of forces in the community that we had before, in other words, our black media outlets," the Democratic governor continued.


  1. Old and tired. Unfortunately, there are still folks like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton that make a living out of playing the race card.

  2. I'm sick of it too,I am glad to see folks starting to speak out about this.I am at the point where I don't care if they call me a racist, I'm going to say whats on my mind,If their policys suck I'm going to say so, If the left doesn't like it Too Bad.

  3. It's shameful because there are instances in America where racism needs to be brought to the surface and examined.

    But this, as I've said before, makes us the country that cried wolf!

    The people making these racist claims seem to know full well that they're full of it! They're doing it intentionally to play on people's sensibilities and to demonize others ('others' seeming to be white conservatives) in order to scare their policies through.

    Where are the self-appointed watchdogs of equality in America on these issues? Where are the bloggers claiming to be about variety, the pundits proclaiming their stance on justice?

    It's all a one-sided game. I too am sick of it.

    Scam artists.

    Liberalism fails. It has too many hangers-on. Too much hypocrisy. Too much special interest and not enough soul character. And no amount of blaming other people will ever change that!

  4. Hey Josh, good to hear from you. Ever hear of "white guilt"?

  5. The race card is not only old in Britain, it is positively geriatric!

    Labour and other loony Lefties have played it so often because they have no reasoned arguments so their only alternative is/was to shut down any legitimate debate with cries of "racist"!

    We are now pretty much immune to it over here and the nasty little Labour smear campaigners have also, realised to their dismay, that it no longer "sticks".

    The best thing you guys can do is cut out the time lag - just stop listening to them now! As I have said before, the race card is the last refuge of scoundrels and it will put the fear of God into them if they see that they can't use it to shut you up!

  6. Spidey:
    Great advice. I think it is slowly, but surely going to wear thin. After we've elected a black man as our president, it is lame to continue this tactic. Unfortunately, some people need to blame anything/anybody but themselves for their failures. Just shows them for what they are...losers. Thanks for commenting.

  7. Everyone should know by now that this tactic just makes you look stupid.

  8. Wow...I seriously shouted "YES!" outloud when I saw the title of your post.

    The word has lost it's meaning. I remember the stigma it used to carry and how hurt I was the first time I was called that. I'd start back-tracking and start listing off any and every non-white friend I had.

    We were all hit with a barage of it when Obama was campaigning and now I get called it almost on a daily basis. It holds no meaning for me anymore. Now I roll my eyes and say something snarky, like "Can't you come up with any real arguments?".

    Like Barking Spider said, we're all immune to it now. They over inoculated us and now we are immune.

  9. Lord Almighty Yes I am sick and tired of everyone being labeled a racist for everything under the sun that does not conform to the official liberal marching orders

  10. Hi CS:
    Amen to everything that's been said!
    I'm sick to death of the race card.
    That's all these jerks can come up with, every time we try to speak the truth and common sense (qualities they wouldn't know if they hit 'em in the head)
    I don't care if I'm called racist, I'm expecting it, I could care less. THEY are the racists, and they show their evilness by trotting out that old lie.

    I'm sick of everything and everyone that stands for's gotten so bad I can't even look or listen to him anymore, I start screaming obscenities at the TV...hee hee, and to think I used to be such a sweet, mild mannered bunni! Have a nice weekend.

  11. Dr. Dave:
    You're right about that. Stupid to do it and they think we're all stupid to believe it.

    Blue Eyes:
    The more they use the word, the less impact. You nailed it.

    The tactic shows they are weak and must resort to name calling to get their agenda through.

    Thanks to all for your comments.

  12. Bunni:
    You're right...they are the racists. They're the ones who use race as a weapon.

    You have a nice weekend too...I think we all will now that we've had a chance to vent.

  13. Oh, yes. I'm well aware of that white guilt. It's a killer.

    In fact, a lot of liberalism (in America's progressive context) is centered on guilt.

    The green movement: People pay their self-appointed carbon taxes, switch to hybrids, and recycle to feel better about themselves. That's it.

    Anti-war: Again, this is giving a person a feeling of self worth to stand out and protest for the so-called "innocent lives." Using Nam as an example, nobody cared before and nobody certainly cared about the millions slaughtered after. But while Americans were fighting, the guilt was thick.

    Uber-animal love: This one is self-explanitory. "You can't inconvenience the deer, even if it will add billions to the US economy and break our dependence on foreign oil! And I don't care if 80,000 farmers are out of work, the minnows in CA must live!"

    The constant patronizing of minorities: "Aww, colored person, commere and let me give you a hug. I will speak for you now and help you do what you can't do for yourself."

    Anti-guns/violence/dealth penalty: They empathize and attempt to placate criminals, conforming them to societal standards, and childproofing America. They don't believe in personal responsibility.

  14. Amazing what people will do just to feel better about themselves. It's good to see that people starting to speak up and tell it like it is. You can only take so much nonsense before the boiling point is reached. The trick now is to keep the momentum going and not let up. The Progressives have been planning and working for many years to get to this point and they will not give up their fight. Too bad it's gotten this far.

  15. Josh:
    "The constant patronizing of minorities"

    You are so right about that! I was thinking about how the liberals were using those poor people during the campaign and they weren't even aware of it. People all around me were saying about how the liberals had "a sea of color" at their campaigns and conventions, whereas the conservatives looked like "the Alaskan tundra - white and frozen".

    It looked that way because the liberals PLACED miniorities in front of the cameras!! I kept shouting at the TV: "They are using you, you dopes! They don't care about you!!"

    They like to paint conservatives as heartless, but there isn't one of us that doesn't care about the environment, animals, other people ,etc... But we don't do it out of guilt or to get attention from it - just do it for you, regardless of who's looking or not

  16. Yes the race card is being played so much that its becoming part of the every day language.

    To tell you the truth I fear that it would cause non-blacks to do a blanket ostracizing of all blacks. Not all blacks are the same. But these race-baiting folks are making it bad for the innocent folks.

    I am really convinced that the Congressional Black Caucus is behind all this mess. That organization has to go. And go soon!

  17. arlenearmy:
    I agree. People accuse anybody of racism nowadays just because they disagree with Pres. Obama. With attitudes like that, how are we ever going to get past race? We are all Americans and that's the way we should look at each other. We are all in this together.

    It doesn't bother me because I know the truth...race has nothing to do with why I oppose the Obama Administration policies. I think it's the wrong path we are being led down and that is it. If he was white, I'd feel the same way.

    I know that the race baiters don't speak for all blacks and they are doing a disservice to the black community. I also know that conservative blacks take a lot of heat because they think differently. And the Congressional Black Caucus is guilty of propagating racial tension.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my blog. Please come by again.


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