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My Tax Day Tea Party Post

More than three thousand people attend the tax protest tea party at Centennial Park in downtown Fort Myers Wednesday evening. (John David Emmett/

We attended the Fort Myers Tax Day Tea Party on April 15th. As you can see in the photo taken from the News Press, there were over 3,000 people in attendance and it was great to be among the crowd. (My photo album is at the end of the post, but you'll have to read the whole post before you can view it...them's the rules, only kidding.)

The event was organized by a local radio host. There were inspiring speeches, a fly-over of vintage planes, a town crier on horseback, a great band and the ceremonial dumping of the tea in the Caloosahatchee River (in an environmentally safe way, don't worry).

By now you have all seen the typical drive-by media perspective of the tea parties, represented in the video below, by CNN's "so-called" reporter, Susan Roesgen. She was covering a tea party in Chicago and just could not refrain from spewing her personal views. This is why people do not trust or respect reporting by the liberal, biased media. Even the TV hostess added her 2-cents to the mix.

And then there was activist, comedian, actor, left-wing ideologue Janeane Garofalo claiming that all those who attended tea parties are racists and nothing more. Of course her host, MSNBC's Keith Olber-moron, whole heartedly agreed with every ridiculous word she uttered.

Throughout the video Mr. Olber-moron could not stop himself from using what he called the "double entendre" of "tea bagging". Apparently, this was going on all day during news coverage of the tea parties. I guess I am just naive, but I had no idea what this meant, so I looked it up. I will not repeat the vulgar meaning of "tea bagging" in this post. What I realize is, that it would take these "swine" to think to use it as a means of reporting on a national story and only further validates my very low opinion of them. (I must confess, I don't like it when the left uses "name calling", but I couldn't help using it myself when talking about these two's just the extremist in me.)

I really thought long and hard about including the MSNBC video in the post, but if you didn't see it, you would never believe it. This woman is an absolute nut case and Mr. Olber-moron is a jackass. How these people have a job is beyond me, but hey, that's free speech. I wonder what will happen after the "Fairness Doctrine" is brought back...will they allow Rush Limbaugh on Mr. Olber-moron's TV show for the "conservative" point of view?

Now about the video...

First, I won't even dignify the fact that Ms. Garofalo called me and every other person who attended a Tea Party a racist. She is a "moron".

Second, the people at the tea party protests agree that the problems started during the Bush administration, but have just gone completely out of control with the Obama administration. The "liberal plant" who was "stumping" at the Pensacola tea party, neglected to mention that, although President Bush was in office at the time this all started and that he did contribute to the problem, the last 2 years of his presidency occurred during a Democrat-controlled Congress. I think those guys had something to do with it, I'm just sayin'.

Third, it is absolutely not true that FOX News had something to do with the Tea Party organization. The Tea Parties are a grassroots project and it just so happened that FOX decided to cover some of the events. It's a good thing, too, because they had probably the most fair reporting going on all day.

Fourth, Ms. Garafolo & Mr. Olber-moron opine about how violence is a "by-product of volatile groups" like the Tea Partiers. Boy, would that have made their day! Well, as far as I know, there wasn't any violence during the Tax Day Tea Parties. My guess is that these two are just used to seeing liberal protests like the ones at the G20 a week or so ago where violent protests were the norm.

And one more thing...I would like to know how all the "Conservative Ladies" out there feel about Ms. Garofalo claiming you have Stockholm Syndrome? I'm taking that one personally!

I watch "24" and, unfortunately, Ms. Garofalo is on the show. I'm just hoping she turns out to be a "bad" guy, although it's not looking good. Chloe...where are you?

According to Pajamas TV, there were an estimated 645,900+ people at the Tax Day Tea Parties. I think this number keeps changing as event organizers report in. That's a lot of people...oh, sorry, I meant to say a lot of "racist, right wing extremists". I would venture to say that Code Pink couldn't gather up that many protesters in a couple of weeks, although the coverage for one of their events is always on the evening news no matter how many "pinkos" are in attendance.

The Tax Day Tea Party website reports on Tea Parties across the nation. For my New Jersey friends, there is a video compilation of the NJ Tea Parties you might like to see. Check out the other videos, too.

I know that there were people attending some of the tea party events across the country who had Obama-bashing signs and others who may have said some nasty things, but they were a tiny minority and should not have been the focus of the reporters covering the events. Unfortunately, some of the coverage was ONLY of this type of protester.

My experience at the Fort Myers event was all positive. The people there were friendly, respectful, patriotic, enthusiastic and peaceful. It wasn't a "republican" thing...both the democrats and the republicans were fare game, as it was across the nation. It was good to be among like-minded people and know that we have the "audacity to hope" for a better future.

I had to include this in the post. Just take a look at this video taken at a South Carolina protest. These protesters weren't very "respectful" to the Republican Congressman Gresham Barrett, and is proof that the movement isn't taking sides. You'll not see this one on Olber-moron's show.

Freedom Alliance is planning on taking the protest to Washington DC on September 12. You can sign up for information on their website.

I took 100 photos at the Fort Myers, FL Tax Day Tea Party on April 15. I've whittled them down and have linked to my album below. Click on the photo and you will be redirected.

Get involved!

Tax Day Tea Party

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